Semper Genomics exists to support the health and research system through genomic tools (NGS) and artificial intelligence (SOPHiA DDM) with a personalized medicine approach, precision, and as a part of medical professionals.


To be a worldwide leader as a B2B lab that specializes in Reproductive Health and Precision Medicine.


To improve people's lives through genetics and genomics.

To accelerate the adoption of platforms for data-driven medical decision-making.
To provide access to disruptive technology in areas such as genetics, genomics, and molecular biology.


At Semper Genomics we provide services and data focused on improving the quality of people's lives, science, and the industry. Therefore, we integrated processes with the highest quality standards applied to the clinical practice and we develop in a work environment under the ISO 15189 standard. We have a certified service portfolio from the College of American Pathologists (CAP).

The reliability of our services is the most important value proposition for our clients, reflecting their needs within our quality objectives.

Semper Genomics' quality commitment is the basis of our active promotion for the continuous improvement of our processes. Moreover, this improvement cycle is one of the key differentiators in our services and commercial offer.


Proficiency Testing and International Certifications (CAP).

Minimum delivery times and affordable prices.

Accurate and reliable results.

The most qualified staff in the region regarding NGS and PGT-A.